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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Accident Sequence - Continuity

a) What techniques did you specifically use to create continuity (narrative flow) in your accident sequence?
The first shot is a pan following Matt walking down a corridor. This establishes the setting and focuses on at least one of the main characters so that the viewer knows the story will take place in a school and that this character is involved.
The second shot shows Seb's feet as he is running down the stairs, which creates suspense for the viewer as they haven't seen this character's face yet, and also adds pace to the narrative as he is obviously in a hurry.
The next shot cross-cuts back to an over the shoulder shot of Matt, still walking down the corridor, to show his point of view of the situation. The feel of this shot is calmer and slower paced, which helps to convey that the two scenes are happening separately.
Then it cuts to a wide shot which shows the corridor and the stairs, and the characters bumping in to each other. This puts in to perspective for the viewer where the shot is taken in relation to where the characters were before.
The last shot is a low angle shot that shows Matt lying on the floor where he was knocked down and Seb running away. This shows the outcome of the 'accident' and finishes off the story we were trying to tell.

b) In hindsight, what could you do to improve the continuity of the sequence?
I would change the type of shot we used for the final shot as it isn't clear that Seb is running in the same direction he was running in in previous shots. I would also use a wide shot to establish the location rather than a panning shot as it provides more information about the setting and could be used as a master shot to cut back to, to make it obvious where everything is happening.

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