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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Hobbit: D of S - Tracking

The Hobbit facebook page: Same page used for the Fist Hobbit film, so targeting old and new fans. Links to but tickets and to other promotion events such as live streams. Regularly updated. Ability to like and invite others to like the page. Information such as release date provided.

I have seen The Hobbit posters on buses such as the 148 which goes all the way from West to South London, passing busy places like Marble Arch and Hyde Park, and the 97 which travels in East London from Chingford to Stratford.

An online article promoting the release of the trailer
Readers of this newspaper are mainly working class, largely male

Online UK Odeon cinema competition
Main appeal to existing fans of the films/books

24th November: Front of house marketing for The Hobbit at Odeon Lee Valley

A full length trailer for The Hobbit before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

7th December: A sponsored post from Odeon Cinemas promoting The Hobbit, meaning it will appear in the news feed of anyone who is in their target audience, rather than only people who have liked the page.

11th December: Obligatory selfie with front of house marketing at Enfield Cineworld. There is also a Hobbit poster which takes up the entire top windows on the outside and inside.

12th December: Spotted The Hobbit billboard on my way to school, on the north circular just before Angel Corner, Edmonton. 

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