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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Evaluation Q4: How do you think your prelim will impact on your approach to next term's music video coursework?

Lip-synching: the techniques we were taught will be extremely important for making our own music videos to the best possible standard, as the person performing needs to look like they are the one singing the song, making the performance more convincing. Although I personally didn't do any lip-synching in the video, I still learned how to do it convincingly during the audition process, which may be useful.

Costume: after completing this project, I've realised that I should dedicate more time to planning and creating costumes than I originally would have, as I didn't realise how much work goes in to it to make the people and the overall video look good.
The original costume and my adapted costume

Shoot organisation: I am now more aware of all the different roles and how they all work together, how much time we should allow for each shot depending on how many we plan to film, and feel confident in anyone to be able to perform well.

Performance: after having to perform in our Girls remake I would definitely be more confident performing in front of a camera for our videos next year (although I still wouldn't bee too happy about it), as I have had practice and been taught how to act confidently.

Editing: I learned techniques which are specific to editing a music video, such as using performance beds to the sync the audio and video, and cutting between different set-ups or narratives. I also learned how to create the look of having camera flashes, which may be useful.
Using key frames to create the camera flashes
Some of the different set-ups

Make up: I learned the importance of planning and practicing the looks and techniques to make the performers look as good as possible on camera, and will be able to apply this to making my own music video.
Just some of the make up used for the shoot

Lighting: I realised how complex the lighting set ups are and how many different components are needed, and so this needs a decent amount of planning time, which I will allow for when planning my own music video. I also learned the basics of operating the lighting desk, which will definitely be beneficial for filming my own music video.
The lighting desk and different lighting set-ups

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