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Thursday, 4 September 2014

My personal music consumption

I always listen to music when taking public transport anywhere, most often on my way to and from school, and sometimes while doing homework or relaxing at home. Although this makes music more of an individual experience for me, as it's usually through headphones from my phone or computer, I like when people share music with me as I tend to over-listen to a particular song or album and get bored quickly, so it's always nice to be introduced to new artists or genres.

Usually, I either download music on to iTunes and my phone or listen to it using YouTube, Spotify or 8tracks. However, by far my favourite way of consuming music is going to gigs as the atmosphere that comes with live music provides you with an experience that you can't get from listening to recorded music.

Music that means something to me

S Club 7 was a band that I listened to (and danced to) with my friends in primary school. I wouldn't say that they have shaped my music taste today as I think it has changed a lot, but I loved them at the time.

Early Teens
'Hysteria' was the first Muse song I ever heard, which then led to my obsession with this band, but more importantly led me to discovering other new artists rather than sticking to the few artists I considered to be my favourites. I don't listen to them as much any more, but I'm pretty certain that Muse will always be one of my favourite bands.

Vampire Weekend is currently one of my favourite bands, and 'Diane Young' is my favourite song from their new album. I have loads of good memories associated with this song, for example listening to it constantly on the Hollywood trip and seeing it performed live at Reading festival this summer.

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