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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Influences and Inspirations

Music videos

The narrative of this video follows one person through the whole video, with all the action (dancing, drinking, etc) happening in the background. This makes it clear that she is the focus of the video in a creative way, which is what I like about it.

My favourite aspect of this video is the colours and patterns projected on the the singer's face, which add to the dancey feel of the video in a really interesting way.

This video (ignore the lyrics) contains examples of the editing techniques I would like to attempt, such as:
  • shots going backwards and forwards a few frames before moving on 
  • switching between two shots so quickly that it creates a flashing effect
  • replaying a short clip two or three times in a row

This is another video which uses projections of images, which is something I would like to incorporate into my music video. I also like the technique used in this of layering two clips over each other, which has a similar effect to the projected images.


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I love the colour scheme and simplicity of this website. All the links are clearly laid out and it isn't cluttered with too much information.

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The layout of this website is similar to an instagram or tumblr page, so will be familiar to a lot of people. Just like Grimes's website, it's clear how to navigate it and the visitor is provided with all the most important information.

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The Black Keys' website is themed like their new album's artwork, which creates a sense of branding for the band, making it memorable.

Album covers

Album artwork is one of the most important ways in which an artist presents their personal branding and image, and is often designed to hint at the genre and style of the artist so that they can appeal to the right audience.

Album covers that aren't too over-complicated and use a single picture tend to be effective in making the album memorable. For example, the following album covers are all now very famous images:
The xx - Coexist
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Arctic Monkeys - AM
Album covers which use old or unprofessional-looking photography also stand out to me. Some of my favourites:
Crystal Castles self-titled album
Vampire Weekend - Contra

The Libertines self-titled album

Skins and Glue are two TV programmes which are influential on the type of video I want to make. They both reference teenage culture, friendships and dancing, which are themes I would possibly like to include in my video. I also like the grading and overall style of both programmes, and these have influenced the vision I have in my head.


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