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Music Video

Our Music Video

Digipak Front and Back Cover

Digipak Front and Back Cover
Our digipak front and back cover

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Digipak Inside Cover
Our digipak inside cover

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Lighting and Set Design

Our music video will be structured around four set-ups, each with different lighting and props. These are: band performance, the white set-up, the balloon scene and the paint fight.

Performance scene
Georgie will be at the front in the centre with the two DJs slightly behind on either side.

The video below shows us experimenting with different positioning and colours of the lights while programming them for this scene.

We decided on having two blue lights on each of the DJs and two pink lights on Georgie with no other lighting around them. This is so that the lights are not too bright, to keep a contrast between this scene and the bright colours of the other scenes to make sure it is obvious performance is separate to the narrative. However, we will be using the white backdrop.

  • Microphone & stand
  • A sound board for one DJ
  • A keyboard for the other DJ
  • Signs in the background (inspired by the signs in the forest in the 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland film)
Scene from AIW film
Examples of props similar to what we want to make
  • Giant playing cards hanging from the ceiling (also in keeping with the AIW theme)
Example of hanging playing card props

White scene
The set will be empty and white apart from a cupcake on a table in the centre. Georgie walks in the eats the cupcake.

Very bright, white lights (using all the lights) and a spotlight on the cupcake.
Setting up the spotlight for this set-up
  • Table
  • Cupcake

Balloon scene
Balloons all over the floor, Georgie and the two DJs with 5 or 6 extras dancing, messing around with the balloons.

Mainly white (dimmer than for the white scene) with pale blue lights on the backdrop. 

  • Purple, blue and marbled balloons all over the floor
  • A mushroom prop made out of balloons (wire and papier mache base with balloons attached) 
Examples of what the balloon mushroom will look like
Before making the prop for the real we, thing decided to test it out to see if the structure would hold up the balloons and if it would actually look convincing. After a successful trial, we have decided to go ahead and make a bigger, correctly coloured balloon mushroom for the real thing.
Ellie with our trial mushroom

Forest scene
A clearing in the forest with Georgie, the DJs and 8 or 9 extras having a paint fight.

Images which provided inspiration for this

We won't be able to have proper lights so we will be relying on natural lighting.

  • Powder paint 

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