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Digipak Front and Back Cover
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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Shoot 14/11/14

This was our second performance shoot. As we had Gavin and Eugene arriving at the start of period 2, we came in at 7am to set up the desks, cards and lighting for the scene. This meant we were able to start on time and stick to the shoot schedule.

For periods 2 and 3 we only had the DJs, and so we re-filmed some close-ups that we felt hadn't been shot well enough in the last shoot. We then shot some movement shots using a GlideCam, being careful not to frame it too widely as we didn't have Georgie.

Mari and I shooting CUs

A GlideCam similar to
the one we used
The GlideCam was more difficult to use than we had anticipated, and so the first few takes weren't usable as we were till getting used to the camera swinging around and tipping downwards. We eventually started to get the hang of it and in each of the later takes there were some clips that could be used in the video. However, we realised that if we are to use it in later shoots, we will need more practice with it.

Me using the glidecam

For periods 4 and 5 only Georgie was available, but this wasn't a problem as we needed several angles of close-ups and mid close-ups of just her.

This was Georgie's first time shooting the performance scene, but due to her experience in lip-syncing it didn't take her long to get the performance to a good standard. We filmed her singing the whole song once or twice with each set-up to make sure we could fit them in at any point in the video. We were all happy with the footage from this shoot so a re-shoot will not be necessary.

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