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Digipak Front and Back Cover
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Friday, 5 December 2014

Final shoot 25/11/14

For our final shoot we were in the studio. Due to having had a lot of experience with the lighting equipment at this point, we set up quickly and were ready in time for the arrival of our actors.

One of our close-up shots from this shoot
We had planned pick-ups for the beginning of the shot as we had realised during editing that we needed more close-up shots for the balloon scene. As our three main actors were not available at the time we had allocated for getting close-ups from the balloon scene, we used several extras for these. Fortunately, they were eager to dedicate time to this, which was a great help to us as it contributed to the variation of shots in our video, which will make it more interesting. These shots didn't take too long, allowing us plenty of time to set up for our next shot: an additional white scene shot of Georgie for the final shot.

This did not take long at all, as we had decided in advance that we wanted a shot of her 'waking up' in the white room at the end of her trip. We got a few takes of this and then moved on to the next set-up.
The final shot of our video
The next shots we got were close-ups of each band member for the album cover. We dressed them all in white t-shirts so that the photos will blend together better when layered over the top of each other, which is an effect we plan to use for our front cover artwork. These are three possible shots we can use for this purpose:

The final shots we planned for this shoot were promotional shots that were completely separate from our video in terms of costume and setting. We understood that it is important to create an identity for our artist that is not only limited to their portrayal in the video, and therefore we dressed them in new costumes and photographed them against a plain backdrop. Here are some of the best shots we got:

I feel that this shoot was a success as we had time to get all the shots we needed and we were 
all pleased with the resulting footage and photos.

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