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Friday, 5 December 2014

Location shoots 20/11/14 and 24/11/14

We shot the paint fight scene over two different shoots.


The first shoot was on November 20th over a lunchtime (12:30-1:30). This meant we were very limited with time, and so we made sure that everyone had their make-up done and costumes on prior to this. 

Georgie was unavailable for this shoot, so we tried to get as many close-ups and shits of the DJs as possible, to make it less obvious that she wasn't there in the wide shots. We decided to plan wide shots for the next shoot, so Georgie would be in them.

As we were short on extras, Mari, Ellie and I took part in this scene, throwing powder paint at each other in the background to make the scene seem more lively.

We shot using the Canon 5D and the GoPro. To get the GoPro shots we wanted, I ran through the paint fight and had people throw powder paint at the camera lens. We filmed in 50 fps on the GoPro so that we can slow them down in editing and still have a reasonably good quality of footage. We were really happy with the footage from the 5D as it captured the colours of the paint and and trees in the background really well. We also felt that we had achieved a good range of usable shots on this shoot.

We also had time to take some 'behind the scenes' shots of the DJs and extras for our website:
Eugene and Gavin
Edited photo of extras

The only problem with this shoot was the time limit, as we overran and had to rush to get cleaned up and ready for lessons before the end of our lunch period. Due to the improvised nature of the shots we wanted, we hadn't been able to plan the shoot precisely and so had only guessed roughly how long it would take. We realised that for the next shoot, we will have to think more carefully about what shots we want and plan how long each one will take in order to finish on time.


For the second shoot, Georgie was available. However, we still only had a lunchtime to film everything so Ellie and I made our way over to the rec early to set everything up.

When Georgie and the boys arrived, we began filming straight away. Having learned from the previous shoot we planned ahead which shots we wanted and ticked them off the list as we got them. Mari, Ellie and I acted as extras again.

Unfortunately, the Canon 5D had been booked by another group for this time slot and so we had to use a poorer quality camera. This meant that our shots from this shoot will not match the look of the shots from the last one, but this can be fixed in grading.

We got all the shots we needed and were pleased with the footage. We managed our time better on this shoot, and were able to get changed and remove most traces of powder paint before lessons began again.

Here is a compilation of some of the footage from both shoots:

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